Magnetic Fake Lashes for a Great Look

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If you’re thinking of creating a more luscious, more sensual, and definitely more appealing look to go with your seductive lips and blush on, then you should really pay attention to your eyelashes. You don’t really need to grow them in an instant because doing so will be going against the very instructions written in your genes. What you can do instead is to put on magnetic fake lashes for a really great look without necessarily alerting other people that it is the result of a fake it beauty magic.

In the past, ladies had to pay experts to apply artificial or synthetic eyelash extenders on their eyes. Most of these were messy as it entailed applying some form of adhesive, usually glue that is formulated to be safe enough for the eyelashes. The problem was that if the fake lashes were attached rather haphazardly or were poorly positioned, not only do you risk ruining a really great look but you’re also subjecting yourself to utter humiliation. Just imagine if you’re in the limelight and one or both of your fake eyelashes are simply out of their normal anatomical position. The whole world will know that what they’re seeing is a fake it beauty phenomenon.

Another issue is that the application of faux lashes require some time. Even if you do manage to train yourself to put these on, you’d still have to watch your surroundings as dust and debris can get embedded onto the adhesive, further ruining your faux lashes.

The great thing with magnetic fake lashes is that they can be easily put on regardless of weather conditions or wherever you may be. There are no adhesives involved or any other nasty mechanism that requires deft of hands and a keen eye for detail. Using magnetic faux lashes, as the term implies, capitalizes on the power of magnetism to connect two opposing strands of eyelash in between your natural eyelash. These upper and lower strips of faux eyelashes come with miniature magnets at their base so that when they sandwich your natural eyelash they can easily clamp onto each other.

Technically, this is how magnetic fake lashes work. If you look at the finished application from the side you will see a strip of faux lash on top of the natural eyelashes and then another strip of fake eyelashes under the natural eyelashes. Technically, the two strips of faux lashes sandwich natural eyelashes in the middle. Their magnetic ends or bases provide a really strong magnetic pull to keep both strips in place. No matter how the natural eyelashes move, these magnetic faux lashes move with them. It is for this reason that many celebrities, socialites, and even wannabes are now using magnetic fake lashes to enhance their appearance.

Putting on this fake it beauty trick is quite easy once you get the hang of it. Most girls will often spend up to an hour finding the right maneuver to clasp the opposing magnetic strips of the faux eyelashes. Some will only take a few minutes to master the craft. It’s actually more about spatial skills and control of fine motor movement. The greater your dexterity, the greater is the chance that you’ll be successfully mastering the craft in a short period of time.

There are many reasons why folks today love to use magnetic fake lashes. First it allows them to feel great about themselves by enhancing what is already naturally beautiful – their eyelashes. Second, it is definitely a lot easier to put on and care for. Once you have already mastered the art of putting these faux lashes on, you can easily transform yourself into the seductive lady of the night or the masquerading princess of the ball in an instant. You can always say goodbye to your assistant. Third, a great majority of these magnetic fake lashes are actually produced from eco-friendly materials instead of the largely artificial and unsafe materials used in conventional fake eyelashes.

More and more women now prefer magnetic fake lashes for an even greater look than using other types of fake lashes. While it is true that these are still fake it beauty techniques, one cannot deny the fact that it is an ingenious solution to achieving more flawless beauty.