Eat Salmon To Lose Weight, Look Better, & Feel Better

Here’s a quick breakdown of 3 popular varieties:7 Nutrition Info per 3 oz portion (cooked dry heat): Coho Salmon 120 calories 3.7g fat Sockeye Salmon 133 calories 5.7 g fat Wild Atlantic Salmon 155 calories 6.9 g fat King (Chinook) Salmon 196 calories 11.3 g fat

Even the fattier types of salmon deserve a spot on your plate. Remember – salmon provides omega-3 fatty acids, which are the heart-healthy, inflammation-reducing kind of fat. And honestly, most of us could use a bit more omega-3s in our diets.

Coho salmon has a meatier texture, while King salmon is butterier and almost melts in your mouth.

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